Warning! Metafit will seriously change your body! You will burn fat, tone up, get stronger, fitter and leaner within a short period of time.

I am very pleased to have qualified as Vancouver Islands first Metafit Coach! I love this style of training, it’s hard, fast and effective. The classes last only 30 minutes, but don’t be fooled, a lot can happen in 30 minutes, and you will continue to burn fat for hours after the class is done.

Metafit was created by a former Royal Marine Commando and a national gymnast in the UK and it’s extremely popular over there. The training combines body weight exercises with the latest interval and tabata techniques to set your metabolism on fire! It is suitable for beginners through to advanced fitness enthusiast. In fact, the fitter you get and the more often you get to Metafit, the harder the workout will become, as you get deeper into the exercises and try the more challenging variations. I recommend doing at least 3 sessions per week, and combining it with your own strength training program.

Metafit will also help you in a big way if you are into running, play soccer, or any sport as it will increase your cardiovascular capabilities and make you faster, stronger and leaner!

Call today and try a week for free!!!!


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